To provide the freshest, safest, and most nutritious food to people around the world.


Avalon Fresh is a grower and global supplier of socially-responsible, conventional, organic and halal farm-fresh vegetables and processed food.

We work individually with each of our customers to ensure that our produce meets their specific needs and requirements. This approach has won us continuous trust of some of the biggest global brands.

By choosing Avalon Fresh, you’re choosing:

  • An extensive catalog of the highest-quality vegetables available
  • Foods that meet the highest international food safety standards

  • Competitively-priced, excellent produce

  • Socially-responsible sourcing

  • On-time, international door-to-door logistics


Our Story

Avalon Fresh was established in 2013 with the goal to become Mexico’s leading produce grower and exporter. Although we started shipping about 27 tons of products in the beginning, we’ve grown to produce more than 4,700 tons of seasonal and year-round farm-fresh vegetables in 2019.

Our farms operate hundreds of acres of tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, kale and many other colorful, flavourful veggies.

Today, Avalon Fresh is a group of socially-responsible companies in North America and Asia, committed to deliver the freshest, safest and most nutritious vegetables to our customers in the retail and foodservice industries and proud to be a part of the food system that brings healthy food to consumers.

Our success is driven by the highest international food safety standards, organic and halal certifications, with strict adherence to customers’ quality and product specifications. We undergo regular audits to consistently provide the best products available in the market.

In 2020 Avalon Fresh announced it is expanding operations in Asia by opening a new office branch in Malaysia and establishing the subsidiary in Japan. We truly believe that Malaysia holds a strategic position in Southeast Asia while Japan is the connection between the top-quality new food products to customers in the Asian market.

Driven by the passion to supply healthy food choices to families all over the world, Avalon Fresh is proud to announce the construction of a brand-new processing facility plant in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. This expansion responds to years of increasing demand of our products and care for our customers.

Our achievements include the prestigious National Award to the Exporter of the Year by the Mexican Council of Trade, Foreign Investment and Technology (COMCE) in 2019.


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Latest Developments

  • Southeast Asia’s growing food market holds an enormous potential due to the region’s massive young and nutrition-savvy population. To meet the region’s healthy food demands Avalon Fresh has ventured into this market by opening a new branch office in Kuala Lumpur to oversee operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

  • As the food industry is under constant evolution to meet the needs of a demanding consumer population, Avalon Fresh expands its scope of operations with a brand-new processing plant facility to bring customized production of dehydrated and frozen foods. Some of our new products include the world-famous guacamole, cauliflower rice, veggie chips, dried fruits, zucchini noodles and much more!

  • Avalon Fresh, in coordination with its new branch offices in Malaysia and Japan, provides now innovative solution services for countries in Asia requiring special sourcing or custom packaging solutions. Ask for details.


Each year, we ship thousands of tons of produce all around the world. Every truckload, every box, includes carefully selected produce that has been grown with passion, packaged with love and transported under the best quality conditions, to maximize freshness and enjoyment. When leading companies around the globe need the top choice of produce to meet their needs, they call Avalon Fresh.

With a full catalogue of tempting produce, we are ready to meet your every need. Whether you choose us for our elite organic certifications, our alignment with socially responsible practices or our reputation for surpassing clients’ high standards, experience for yourself why Avalon Fresh is a world leader of vegetable productions.